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General Engineering Contractor - CA Licence #897894

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Your Fremont-Based, Greater Bay Area Earthwork Specialists

About V&B Grading Inc.

Welcome to V&B Grading Inc., a family-owned and operated business we proudly headquarter in Fremont, CA. Dedicated to serving our local community in Fremont and also the Greater Bay Area region, we bring expertise and personalized service to every grading, excavating, storm drain, utility trench, concrete, asphalt, and demolition project.

Why V&B Grading Inc. is the Right Choice for You

  • Fremont Roots, Northern California Reach: While based in Fremont, we extend our services across Northern California. Additionally, our regional expertise allows us to effectively cater to a wide range of project environments and regulations.
  • Family-Owned Values: Operating as a family business, we bring not only personal commitment and integrity but also a hands-on approach to each project, treating our clients as part of our extended family.
  • Contractor-Focused Solutions: Understanding general contractors’ unique needs, we thus offer reliable, integrated services across Northern California, from Fremont’s heart to the broader region.
  • Quality Across Northern California: Furthermore, our high-quality workmanship has earned us a strong reputation throughout Northern California. We consistently uphold the highest standards in every project, whether large or small.

Company Profile


V&B Grading, Inc.
45300 Industrial Pl STE 12
Fremont, CA 94538

Office: (510)-896-8489
Cell: (510) 760-1183
Fax: (510) 745-7168

Contractor's Licence

General Engineering Contractor - CA Licence #897894




Division 2 - Site Construction
Division 3 - Concrete

Policies & Programs

Safety Program
Personal Protective Equipment PPE
First Aid Program
Hand and Power Tools
Noise Exposure - Hearing Conservation


Safety Program
Confined Space
Trench Safety
Street Works

Insurance Coverage

General Liability
Per-Project General Aggregate Endorsement
A.I. Ongoing
A.I. Completed Ops
Primary Wording
Automotive Liability
Workers Compensation

Credit References

Granite Rock
ABC Trucking
Reed and Graham
Sunbelt Rentals

FAQs for General Contractors /

What range of services does V&B Grading Inc. offer?

Firstly, we specialize in grading, excavating, and additionally, we offer storm drain installation, utility trenching, concrete and asphalt work, and demolition. Our team is equipped to handle a wide range of construction needs to support your projects.

Are you licensed and insured for large-scale construction projects?

Absolutely. V&B Grading Inc. is fully licensed and insured, ensuring that we can undertake large-scale construction projects with full compliance and safety. Our contractor’s license number is 897894, and we maintain comprehensive liability and worker’s compensation insurance for your peace of mind. See our company Profile for more information.

Do you operate outside of the Fremont, CA area?

Yes, while we are based in Fremont, CA, we also serve the entire Northern California region. Our team is flexible and equipped to manage projects across various locations in Northern California.

Can you handle environmentally sensitive projects?

Yes, in fact, we have extensive experience with environmentally sensitive projects and adhere strictly to environmental regulations and best practices to minimize impact.

What is your approach to project timelines and deadlines?

Understanding the importance of adhering to timelines, our approach involves working closely with clients to establish realistic deadlines and consistent communication for project tracking.

How do you ensure safety on the construction site?

Safety is a top priority, and therefore, we adhere to strict safety protocols and regular training to ensure the well-being of everyone on site. See our company Profile for more information.

What is your process for handling changes or unexpected issues during a project?

In the face of changes or unexpected issues, our team is well-prepared to adapt and address challenges promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to the project.

Can you provide references from previous projects?

Certainly, upon request, we can provide references from our previous projects, showcasing our commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

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